Care Coordinator - P/T

Care · Dallas, Texas
Department Care
Employment Type Part-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

 Position Title:                   Care Coordinator

 Direct Supervisor of:       N/A

 Department:                     Care

 Tier:                                   Implementation Team

 Classifications:                 Non-Exempt, Part-Time

 Work Schedule:               M-Th, 9am-2pm, 

                                           Occasional Eve. & Wknds. for events (approx. 2-5 hrs. per wk.; weekday hrs. adjusted when appropriate)

 Reports to:                       Formation Pastor

Purpose of This Position

The vision of Highland Park Presbyterian Church is to lead all generations to become transformed followers of Jesus, for the flourishing of our city and beyond.

The Care Department seeks to advance that vision through love, relationships & encouragement.

Desired Results/Impact of This Position

  • The pastors of the Care Dept. will have their administrative, logistical & event/program coordination needs met, helping them to successfully focus on their pastoral duties
  • The Care Dept. staff & volunteers will be equipped/enabled to meet their team & individual project goals
  • The pastors of all departments will receive adequate and standardized administrative assistance and event coordination for funerals (when the Funeral Coordinator is unavailable to do a funeral).
  • The Care Dept. will function as a cohesive staff team comprised of individuals fully resourced to ‘play their position’ effectively

Key Responsibilities

Care Ministry General Support

  • Collect & distribute information about church members’ hospitalizations, births, deaths, & prayer requests via publication of the [once] weekly “Care Sheet” provided to Deacon Service Teams for ministry follow-up and provided to church staff/officers to equip & encourage them to engage in their own personal ministries of prayer and “pastoral care” as they are able
  • Maintain Hub data for our members and guests regarding deaths, births, marriage, prayer requests, and relevant “case notes”
  • General administrative support for Care Dept. pastors with scheduling, food services, purchasing, invoices/billing, communication (Hub, email, & phone)
  • Care Ministry event coordination (communications, logistical planning, & event set-up, greeting & hosting, volunteer recruitment & organizing, etc.). [Note: these events may often take place on evenings & weekends; supervisor may adjust weekday hours as appropriate in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Personnel Manual.]
  • Sort & Screen Compassion Covenant Member Applicants & fulfill Compassion Fund Committee decisions


Funeral Support

  • Scheduling necessary staff, Deacon Service Team volunteers, and contract workers (extra musicians/soloists /choir, valet parking, catering) required for funerals & inurnments, & (when the Funeral Coordinator is unavailable)
  • Assist pastors as they work with families to plan & conduct funerals/inurnments by providing administrative support & coordinating logistics (when the Funeral Coordinator is unavailable)
  • Assist pastors as they work with families to plan & conduct funerals and inurnments by providing administrative support & coordinating logistics
  • Facilitate Columbarium sales & associated logistics
  • Administration related to Columbarium Committee, etc.


Approximate Time Breakdown

  • On average, the Care Coordinator will spend approximately 2-5 hours weekly with memorials and end-of-life preparation, and 8 hours weekly keeping track of congregational needs for the staff & officers’ ministry awareness, and 12 hours weekly on general administrative & coordinating needs for the Care Dept. pastors.

Education, Experience, Skill, Ability Requirements

  • Education: Bachelors’ Degree from an accredited collegiate/university institution, at minimum
  • Experience: Prior work (whether paid or in a significant volunteer role) in a church or relevant professional / non-profit setting is preferred. Life experiences with grief, fear, anxiety, confusion, joy, & most of all, hope, are also relevant.
  • Knowledge and Skills: Strong communication skills, proficient in MS Office, general computer skills, understands the complexities of grief, people skills (empathetic & a good listener)
  • Abilities: Physical Abilities – desk and computer work. Oversee the staging of our memorial venues and reception facilities; light event set-up (flowers, preparation of meeting & course materials, occasional shopping trips, etc.)
  • Gifts: Administrative Leadership, Mercy, Compassion, Discernment


Workplace Expectations  

  • Loves Jesus, the people of HP Pres, the city of Dallas and the world
  • Acts as an advocate of the culture and vision of HP Pres
  • Christian Faith aligned with the beliefs of HP Pres
  • Commits to and exhibits the Core Values of HP Pres
    • We create value
    • We actively grow
    • We invest in relationships

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